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Julien Fournier


Formation / Experience

Julien Fournier is Partner of Cabinet Pierrat Law Firm since September 2011.

Before joining Cabinet Pierrat Law Firm, Julien Fournier was an Associate at Gublin & Co Law Firm in 2007 for a year.

Julien Fournier holds a Post Graduate Diploma in English and North American Business Law (under the direction of Professor Horatia Muir-Watt – courses and tests in English) obtained at Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne University (with distinction).

He holds a Master’s degree of Law (with distinction) and he also took courses of the Magistère in Economics (Business Law) at Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne University.

Julien Fournier is also an agent for artists and authors, he negotiates their contracts and promotes their careers (registered under number 2012-00697 at the Ministry of Culture).


  • Media Law, Privacy, Proofreading
  • Entertainment Law and Copyright: Artwork, Music, Architecture, Photograph
  • Art Market: Copyright’s Devolution, Resale Royalties, Market Place Litigation Professional Liability, Counterfeiting
  • Personal Law and Family Law
  • General Criminal Law

Conférence / Publication / Intervention

Intervention of Julien Fournier on the theme Women’s image Rights and Respect of Privacy in the colloquium of the University of Rouen Freedom of Speech and Women’s Rights in the XXI st century (29 september 2016)

The Nowadays Families for the for dummies (First, septembre 2013), in collaboration with Emmanuel Pierrat and Sophie Viaris de Lesegno

Classes at the Paris Formation of Journalism School (C.F.P.J.) (75)

Classes at the Chargé de cours au Profession of the Book’s Centre (University Paris X Nanterre)

Intervention at the Colloquium on the « Censorship in France » (Lyon’s Bar)