Carbon de Seze

Former Member of the French National Bar Council
Former Secretary of Paris Bar Debating Society
Chairman of the Paris’ Bar Open Committee on Human Rights


After his collaboration with lawyers such as Philippe Lucet or the President of the Bar Francis Teitgen, Carbon de Seze founded in 2002 the law firm that bears his name. In 2017, he founded the law firm Cabinet Pierrat & De Seze with Emmanuel Pierrat.

Carbon de Seze holds a Postgraduate Degree in Business and Economic Law (Université Paris I Panthéon Sorbonne).

He also studied at the Paris Institute of Comparative Law and the Institute for Public Management and Economic Development.


  • General Criminal Law, Criminal Business Law, Press Law
  • Tort Law (commercial and civil liabilities)
  • Family Law (estates, divorce)
  • Litigation between Business partners
  • Enforced hospitalisation and searches
  • Litigation before the disciplinary bodies of professions regulated by Profesionnal Orders and Independant Administrative Courts.


Carbon de Seze was a member of the examination board of the Paris Bar School (2002-2003-2013). He was also a lecturer there in 2004.


  • Head of the Human Rights Commission of the Paris Bar.
  • Member of the Scientific Comitee of the Institute of Criminal Law
  • Founder of the Association « Serment d’Humanité ».
  • Co-founder of the Association « Je ne parlerai qu’en présence de mon avocat » (I will say nothing more until I have my lawyer present).
  • Member of the Board of the Association « Avocats du monde »  (Lawyers of the world)
  • Former Vice-President of the Paris Young Lawyers Association.
  • Former member of the Ethics Committee of the Paris Video Protection Plan

Furthermore, Carbon de Seze  won the  Simone Goldschmidt Award in 2007.